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The Hertzbach Tax Group provides a comprehensive range of innovative tax services to our clients. Navigating the tax landscape of today requires skilled professional help to carefully track, interpret, and plan. We bring specific experience to every area of tax planning and preparation. We are focused on keeping you informed, and one step ahead.

Here are some of the tax matters in which we can assist:

  • Business Tax Preparation and Planning
    • Corporations
    • Partnerships
  • State and Local Tax
  • Estates, Gifts and Trusts
  • Credits and Incentives
  • Individual and High Net Worth
  • Transaction Planning
    • Merger & Acquisitions
    • Business Transition Plans
  • Nonprofit
  • International

Useful Tax Information

Tax Updates

IRS Makes Face-to-Face Visits to Taxpayers with Tax Compliance Issues

Posted By: Tax Department , December 9, 2019

The IRS has announced that they will begin visiting taxpayers with ongoing tax compliance issues. This campaign will focus on areas where there have been a limited number of IRS officers, with Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Texas among the initial areas to be targeted. IRS revenue officers will make unannounced visits to taxpayers who have been…

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WOTC Now Available in Year of Certification

Posted By: Tax Department , October 31, 2019

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is available to employers who hire and pay qualified wages to individuals who are certified members of targeted groups.  The employer must receive certification from the designated local agency in order to claim the credit.  The WOTC has been available only in the year the wages were paid or…

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DC Paid Family Leave

Posted By: Tax Department , August 19, 2019

The District of Columbia has recently begun the first stage of implementing its new Paid Leave rules, which created a new benefit for employees and a new tax on employers. The DC Paid Leave Act provides up to: 8 weeks to bond with a new child 6 weeks to care for a family member with…

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IRS Announces New, User-Friendly, Tax Withholding Estimator

Posted By: Tax Department , August 15, 2019

The IRS recently launched a new Tax Withholding Estimator on its website.  The new estimator is designed to be more user-friendly than the previous Paycheck Checkup tool that was available. Consider using the estimator if you received a large refund or owed a large amount of tax when you filed your 2018 return, or if…

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IRS Steps Up Its Cryptocurrency Campaign

Posted By: Tax Department , August 6, 2019

The IRS announced that it has begun sending letters to taxpayers with virtual currency (including “cryptocurrency”) transactions. This is part of a Virtual Currency Campaign being run by the IRS to ensure taxpayers are properly reporting income from these transactions. According to the IRS announcements, the mailing campaign began in mid-July and, by the end…

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Beat the Summer Heat! Upcoming Sales Tax Holidays

Posted By: Tax Department , August 1, 2019

Just in time for back to school shopping, both Maryland and Virginia are holding sales tax holidays in the month of August. The “Shop Maryland Tax-Free Week” for 2019 is Sunday, August 11 – Saturday, August 17. Virginia is holding its annual sales tax holiday on August 2-4, 2019. Please see below for more details….

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