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Government Contracting

It is essential for a provider of goods or services to the government to understand the government contracting industry regulations and standards. We recognize the importance of complying with government standards and provide sound, pertinent advice to our clients. We have experience with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and helping new businesses in need of assistance with the government procurement process. We are committed to guiding you on this important first step in becoming a supplier to the government.

Government Contracting Industry Services We Provide: 

• Plan, calculate and forecast your direct and indirect rates

• Assist you in understanding the FAR and how it relates to your contracts

• Prepare your annual incurred cost submission

• Set up and review your accounting system to ensure compliance with the FAR

• Set up your time and billing system in accordance with the FAR

• Manage various DCAA audits including pre and post award audits, accounting system reviews, and audits of your incurred cost submissions

• Provide overhead rate audits as required by various government agencies

• Review executive compensation structure and FAR allowability by examining comprehensive salary surveys

• Prepare and submit bid proposals

• Provide interim and year end financial statements

• Develop comprehensive income tax management strategies

• Prepare interim and year end tax projections

• Provide income and estate tax planning for executives and business owners

• Perform analysis of sales, use, excise and personal property tax savings

• Prepare income tax returns

• Perform strategic planning

• Plan for business continuity and succession

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