IRS Makes Face-to-Face Visits to Taxpayers with Tax Compliance Issues

The IRS has announced that they will begin visiting taxpayers with ongoing tax compliance issues. This campaign will focus on areas where there have been a limited number of IRS officers, with Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Texas among the initial areas to be targeted.

IRS revenue officers will make unannounced visits to taxpayers who have been unsuccessfully contacted in the past by mail. The IRS will not arrive at a taxpayer’s door without first trying to contact the taxpayer on numerous occasions by mail. These face-to-face meetings are designed to settle the issues associated with the individual or business taxpayer’s noncompliance. The IRS has stated that business taxpayers with unremitted payroll taxes will be among its areas of focus.

If an IRS officer comes to a taxpayer’s door, the taxpayer has the right to ask for two forms of official identification that include a serial number and photo of the officer. IRS officer impersonators remain active, and these forms of identification are to ensure that the visitor is a legitimate IRS officer.

During the face-to-face interaction, the officer will obtain taxpayer information and come up with a plan to allow the taxpayer to become compliant. If a payment is due, the IRS officer will provide the taxpayer with a range of options to settle the tax debt, including payment by check payable to the U.S. Treasury. The IRS officer will not make threats or demand alternate forms of payment such as gift cards.

Keep in mind, taxpayers have the right to seek representation as well as to verify the accuracy of their tax debts.

Taxpayers who receive any form of IRS communication are urged to contact their tax advisors as soon as possible to help determine the best method of resolution.  If you do not currently have representation, you can also contact the IRS directly via one of their designated customer service numbers to obtain more information.

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