BEWARE: Mystery shopper scam commits check and mail fraud.

It seems that we must walk around in a constant state of paranoia in order to evade the predatory actions of scammers.  With the advancement of technology, we are now carrying those scammers with us, quite literally, in our pockets. We are constantly vulnerable to security threats and we must remain diligent and aware of the latest scams.

These “scammers”  illegally utilize the credibility of legitimate businesses in order to facilitate their efforts.

This latest scam involves promising employment as a “secret shopper”- usually involving a large retail outlet chain (e.g. Walmart, Best Buy, Target.) Please read the full FTC press release HERE for the details.

“Mystery shopper” envelopes were sent from a Linthicum, MD postal location and a LEGITIMATE business return address was chosen at random in order for the scam to appear legitimate.  Unfortunately, Hertzbach & Company, P.A. was chosen to falsely represent the return addressee on a mailing.  Once this was discovered by our internal security team, a case was immediately opened with the United States Postal Service Law Enforcement Division.  If you have received one of these envelopes, please call and report the incident at the following phone number:

1-877-876-2455  OPTION 4

**When speaking with the representative, we ask that you please mention Hertzbach, this will compile the calls relating to this particular case**

Please contact Mike Jackson, our Director of Information Technology at if you have any additional questions.