Hertzbach’s Day of Service: The Loading Dock

On November 9th, 2018 for Hertzbach's first annual Day of Service,  we had the opportunity to spend a day volunteering at several nonprofits, schools, and parks throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area. It was a wonderful day of giving back to the community, learning about local organizations, and spending quality time with our colleagues. We are excited to share stories about our experiences, and we are looking forward to more quality time with our community.

Our largest group of volunteers was at The Loading Dock. Established in 1984, The Loading Dock, Inc.  is a self-sufficient, nonprofit building materials reuse center, packed with new and used items and architectural salvage. Motivated by "the prevalence of poor housing conditions coupled with waste in the building industry," donated materials are sorted and stored in The Loading Dock's 45,000-square-foot warehouse. These materials are used in renovation and homeowner and rental property upkeep.

After spending a day volunteering with The Loading Dock, we are honored to have been given the chance to learn about how such an organization operates and serves the community.

To  learn more about The Loading Dock - visit here.