Bret Carr featured in Mighty Guides’ Book on IT Outsourcing

Hertzbach’s Bret Carr, CPA, has been featured in the Mighty Guides, Inc’s, 8 Experts on Outsourcing IT for Strategic Advantage. This piece features eight IT experts who give their input on when and how a business should outsource their IT services. Bret Carr, CPA, is a partner at Hertzbach and has served as the Chief Information Officer since 2015.

As the IT industry continues to transform and become more complex, it is imperative that businesses know when they should outsource their IT services and how best to execute this process. Questions arise such as what providers should they use? What are the benefits of working with a managed service provider? Mr. Carr’s strategy is rooted in application outsourcing. He recommends replacing applications run on in-house servers and networks with software-as-a-service applications. An in-house presence is necessary to help trouble shoot day to day issues, but he advises outsourcing all platforms outside of the office so that there is somebody else taking care of a server – a company that has the resources and built-in redundancy to do so. By doing this, it allows in-house IT staff to focus on issues that are more pressing for the firm.

Click here to read Mr. Carr’s full article on the subject, “Outsource Everything That Relies on In-House Infrastructure.”