David A. Sack, CPA of Hertzbach joins the Towson University Accounting Advisory Board

Hertzbach is proud to announce that David A. Sack, CPA, Senior Accountant, was selected to serve on the Towson University Accounting Advisory Board.

David joined the firm in 2011 after graduating from Towson University with a B.S. in Accounting. As a Towson alum, David has always been actively involved with Hertzbach’s employee recruitment program. Now as a member of the board, Mr. Sack will contribute to Towson’s Department of Accounting by serving in the Chair’s advisory group.

Mr. Sack was originally asked by Deborah Norris, CPA, Director at Hertzbach, to represent her at a board meeting when she was not able to attend.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with David and watching him grow professionally for the last 4 years. I am confident that he will bring a fresh perspective to the Towson Accounting Advisory Board while assisting us in better meeting the needs of accounting students,” said Deborah Norris.

David took advantage of this opportunity to network with people both in and out of his profession. He is also using this opportunity as a way to keep in touch with his alma mater. When asked about his role as a board member, David said:

“The board, as a whole, aims to accomplish multiple goals. However the main goal is to ensure that the accounting program is staying current with the needs of the marketplace while also remaining competitive with the other universities.

I feel that I have a new perspective to offer the board. When we discuss what programs and classes best prepare students for their careers, I hope that my fairly recent experience as a college student will make a difference. 

My involvement with Hertzbach’s staff recruiting and training programs enables me to see strengths and weaknesses of the Towson Accounting Program. Thus allowing me to share this valuable, hands-on information with the Board.”