IRS Continues to Warn Taxpayers from Scammers

The IRS continues to warn taxpayers about scammers claiming to be IRS agents.  The scams takes place in various forms, and often target senior citizens.  Among the tactics used by these scammers are unsolicited telephone calls and phishing emails.  Scammers will call unsuspecting victims and intimidate them into paying fake “tax liabilities” by threatening to suspend the victim’s driver’s license or even jail time.  In recent years, scammers have gotten more creative by forging the caller ID to make it look as if the IRS is truly calling or sending fraudulent emails using IRS letterheads.  Since October 2013, IRS scams have cost victims more than $23,000,000.

To help protect oneself from these scams, keep in mind the following: The IRS never initiates contact via phone call or email.  It will always be done via mail.  The IRS will never demand immediate payment or require a specific payment method; a taxpayer always has the right to appeal or to inquire about their tax liability.  Finally, the IRS will never threaten arrest for not paying the liability upfront.

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