Women of Hertzbach Lean In to Hear What Sheryl Sandberg Has to Say

These days, there is always a catchword or hashtag that’s making headlines and getting people talking. And this week, that word is “bossy” or… #banbossy. It even has its own website.

A list of famous names are associated with banning the word “bossy”, from singer Beyonce to actress Jane Lynch to former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. However the name that caught my attention was Sheryl Sandberg, CEO of Facebook and author of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.

Sheryl Sandberg recently launched the campaign to ban the word “bossy” through a partnership between Girl Scouts USA and her very own LeanIn.org. The purpose is to encourage all women to be assertive in the workplace and in everyday life, and to ultimately close the pay and leadership gap between men and women.

Recently, our Hertzbach Women’s Initiative Group (S.O.A.R) had its first book club lunch and the book was Lean In. The discussion over lunch solidified what I was thinking while reading the book – it’s not the book itself that mattered, it was the conversations that followed. It seemed as if my fellow book club members left the lunch feeling inspired and invigorated to face every day challenges that come with being a woman in the workplace. And I’m pretty sure that’s not because we served Chick Fil-A.

While at times the statistics and citations of Lean In can make you want to lean in to your pillow – I found Sheryl Sandberg’s personal anecdotes and stories the best part of the book. Reading about her past, her favorite books as a child, her experiences as a new mother in the workplace — minus the job interview with Mark Zuckerberg – these were the parts of the book to which I could relate. Sometimes it is more interesting to learn where someone has come from than it is to know what they do or what they think.

Needless to say, the first Hertzbach women’s book club meeting was a success and hopefully…after tax season ends…we will have another book club lunch. As Sheryl Sandberg says at the end of Lean In “my goal is that this book is not the end of the conversation, but the beginning.”

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