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Lost profits versus lost business value

Posted By: Marketing , April 23, 2019

This article was originally published in The Daily Record. In commercial litigation, a primary role of a financial expert is to compute economic damages that may have been suffered by a party. In order to quantify economic damages, experts are commonly asked to calculate lost profits and/or lost business value. As a result, they must…

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Hertzbach: What Makes Us Different

Posted By Hertzbach , March 8, 2019

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. We are inspired by the women we work with every day. Hertzbach would not be the firm it is today without their leadership, dedication, and innovation....

All businesses need internal controls

Posted By Hertzbach , February 13, 2019

This article was recently published in the Daily Record.    Most owners of large and small businesses agree that incorporating internal controls is the best way to deter, detect and prevent fraud....

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