With today's business climate becoming more complex, more global and more competitive, the demands on your business have grown and the need for professional guidance is vital.

Hertzbach & Company, P.A., has a comprehensive team of diversified specialists with unique and proven competencies ready to provide the expertise you need to succeed and excel in your industry.


Our assurance services include:

Audits of Financial Statements
Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements
Attestation Engagements & Special Reporting Engagements
Forecasts and Projections
Compliance Monitoring
Cost Certifications
Employee Benefit Plan Audits
HUD, OMB A-133 Audits
Personal Financial Statements
Special Audits

Our accounting services include:

Budget Preparation
Monthly Bookkeeping
Bank Reconciliations
Bill Paying Services
Payroll Services

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Tax Labyrinth

The U.S. Tax Code brings a myriad of tax issues that confront businesses, estates and individuals requiring skilled professional help to carefully track, interpret and apply changes. At Hertzbach and Company, P.A., our Tax Department brings over 65 years of experience to every area of tax planning and preparation. Our experts are focused on you and your business and keeping you informed to take advantage of opportunities these changes present.

Here are some of the tax matters in which we can assist:

  • State & Local Tax
  • Fixed Assets
  • Estate Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • ESOP Advisory Services
  • Federal and State Credits and Incentives
  • International Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Transactional Advisory Services
  • Payroll Services

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Management Advisory

As a trusted advisor to successful business managers, CPA’s reach beyond today to achieve a higher level of success tomorrow. Thorough analysis of financial information makes for a solid start.

At Hertzbach & Company, P.A., our most experienced professionals dedicate themselves to helping clients through daily management issues and the most challenging ongoing business concerns.

Management Advisory Services include:

Strategic Business Planning
Attracting Debt & Equity Capital
Mergers & Acquisitions
Business Plan Development
Business Valuations
Preparation of Budgets, Forecasts & Projections
Complex Tax Issues
Management Succession Planning
Executive Compensation
Organizational Structure
Recruitment & Training of Accounting Personnel
Break-Even & Profitability Analysis
Assistance in Obtaining Financing
Due Diligence for Business Transactions
Debt Management
Cash Management
Internal Control
Inventory Control
Credit & Collection

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Litigation Consulting

Assessing the value of complex financial instruments, goodwill, intellectual property and other important business assets have taken on new importance.

In litigation, today’s cases are likely to involve a labyrinth of legal, economic and financial issues. Preparing for trial often requires compiling and analyzing volumes of information. A successful outcome will depend upon counsel’s ability to present information in a clear and concise manner.

Our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Certified Valuation Analysts (CVAs/AVAs) and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) can strengthen the accounting and financial aspects of your clients’ cases.

Our standards of professionalism and extensive experience provides expert witness and consulting services you can count on – in and out of the courtroom.

Business Valuation - View Business Valuation Brochure
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
Estate & Gift Tax Valuations
Succession Planning
Attracting Debt & Equity Capital
Liquidations or Reorganizations
Marital Dissolution
Bankruptcy and Restructuring
Charitable Contributions
Dissenting Shareholder Actions
S-Corporation Conversions
Intellectual Property Valuations
Buy/Sell Agreements
Mergers & Acquisitions

Litigation Support Services - View Litigation Services Brochure
Arbitration & Mediation
Marital Dissolution
Economic Damages
Lost Profits & Earnings
Contract Disputes
Bankruptcy and Restructuring
Personal Injury
Wrongful Death
Stockholder and Member Disputes
Expert Testimony (Federal and State Courts)
Settlement Administration
Sentencing Mitigation

Forensic Accounting
Forensic Analysis and Investigation
Fraud & Embezzlement
Claims Preparation

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Building wealth requires a plan to provide for your future, to ensure an orderly transfer of your assets to your heirs, and to support your philanthropic goals - all in a way that minimizes the complicated taxes that can deplete your accumulated wealth.

Preserving and managing wealth requires an approach administered by professionals aware of the intricacies of trusts, estates, taxation, and business. Hertzbach & Company, P.A., has the expertise you’ll require to develop and manage a solid plan.

Our advisors can help you in the following areas:

Estate & Gift Tax Planning
Estate & Trust Administration
Business Succession Planning
Family Limited Partnerships
Pension Plans
Charitable Giving
Retirement Plans

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Transitioning the ownership of a business can be a challenging time, both financially and emotionally. At Hertzbach & Company, P.A., we have assisted businesses during their times of changing leadership for over 65 years. Throughout our experience, we have become to understand that every merger & acquisition is unique. While assisting our clients as a trusted advisor and confidant, we make it our priority to understand all individual, corporate and economic goals.

During the merger & acquisition process, we are prepared to assist with the following services:

Maximizing shareholder value
Aligning all leadership goals
Guidance throughout the planning & transaction processes
Estate planning services
Tax planning services
Due diligence
Buyer pool assessment
Post-transaction planning

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Cost Segregation

If you are purchasing, constructing, or remodeling a building, knowing how to increase your cash flow with a cost segregation study can really add value.

A Cost Segregation Study is a strategic tool that accelerates tax depreciation deductions and maximizes a company's cash flow by reducing current taxable income and deferring federal and state income taxes. A cost segregation study should be completed during the year when the building or the improvement is placed in service.

A Cost Segregation Study can:

Identifies assets that qualify for shorter depreciable lives
Increases cash flow by deferring income taxes
Assists with property tax reporting
Provides detail for obtaining tax credits
State Investment Tax Credits
Rehabilitation Credit
Disability Access Credit
Identifies cost for future asset retirements

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ducks in a row

Hertzbach has a focused and growing Employee Benefit Plan audit practice. Our dedicated and experienced professionals can help our clients get their Employee Benefit Plan audit “ducks lined up” no matter how the dynamic regulatory environment may change. Our Employee Benefit Plan audit practice has developed a team with the specialized knowledge to perform full and limited scope audits for a diverse range of plans. Hertzbach is a member of the AICPA’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of excellence through our training programs and quality control procedures.

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Working with Hertzbach & Company, P.A. as a trusted resource, Higher Information Technology Solutions, LLC (HIT Solutions) provides Hertzbach with IT services and immediate response to technical issues.


HIT Solutions provides technology consulting services to Hertzbach clients. This benefits our clients with outstanding personalized service and customized attention to their technology requirements.

HIT Solutions services include:

Inspecting/analyzing current IT infrastructure
Full architectural representation of the network
An exclusive partnership with Dell
Configuring and maintaining hardware and software
Network management - servers, backup, desktops, laptops and printers
Disaster recovery plans
Data recovery from corruption or hardware failure

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Director of Information Technology
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