Originally founded as an accounting and consulting firm working within the construction industry, Hertzbach has over 65 years of experience working side by side with contractors providing them essential tools for a successful future. We understand that operating a profitable construction business is challenging and requires management’s constant attention. Our Construction Industry Services Group consists of  an experienced team of professionals that includes several CCIFPs. The comprehensive services we provide include accounting and auditing, assurance, tax planning and preparation, business advisory services, surety and bonding assistance and cost segregation services.

Construction Industry Services We Provide: 

• Review your internal reporting systems and controls to improve productivity.

• Design accounting and computer systems for your unique needs.

• Choose a surety or bonding agent that has experience with your company’s size and type of contracts.

• Structure a program to increase your bonding capacity.

• Negotiate lines of credit with banks.

• Obtain credit and trade references.

• Prepare cost records and financial statements that bonding organizations require.

• Develop comprehensive income tax management strategies.

• Prepare interim and year-end tax projections.

• Provide income and estate tax planning for executives and business owners.

• Develop analysis of sales, use, excise and personal property tax savings.

• Prepare income tax returns.

• Perform strategic planning.

• Design operational reviews.

• Structure executive compensation and fringe benefits programs.

• Plan for business continuity and succession.

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