Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals

CCIFP WEbpage fileThe Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP®) designation is the only certification for construction financial professionals and is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under ISO 17024:2012. The ICCIFP provides the construction industry with a third-party verification of an individual’s knowledge, which is essential to ethical financial management in today’s complex construction industry.

Many public accounting firms have construction clients, but construction may not be a major practice area. The firms that have CCIFPs on staff have demonstrated commitment to the industry and competence in construction financial management.

Public accounting professionals with the CCIFP® designation must have a minimum 4,000 hours professional experience in construction in addition to showing expertise in eight knowledge domains, and only two of the knowledge domains are accounting related:

Accounting and reporting
Income recognition methods
Risk management
Budgeting and planning
Human resources
Information technology

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David M. Gaither, CPA, CCIFP®

410.363.3200 ext. 2028


Eric LeeEric R. Lee, CPA, CCIFP®

410.363.3200 ext. 2045


Emily A. Rucinski, CPA, CCIFP®

410.363.3200 ext. 2018


Michael K. Feehely, Jr., MS, CPA, CCIFP®

410.363.3200 ext. 2105


dan borcikDaniel J. Borcik, CPA, CCIFP®

410.363.3200 ext. 2074