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Valuation takes center stage when business owners divorce

Splitting up a marital estate can be a long, complicated process, particularly if it includes a private business interest. Fortunately, a valuation professional can provide answers to these critical financial questions: How much is my business interest worth? There are three ways to value a business: the cost, market and income approaches. All of these…

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Fight fraud with these common managerial accounting tools

When thinking about the ways financial experts can uncover fraud, data analysis and other forensic accounting techniques may come to mind. But qualified experts also know how to use everyday managerial accounting practices to ferret out fraud. Budgets Budgets can provide insight into how management expects a company to perform in the near future. As…

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How FRCP amendments affected e-discovery rulings in 2016

The amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) took effect in December 2015. What effect did the amendments have on cases involving the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI)? The answer may be found in a recent study published by Kroll Ontrack, a data recovery and e-discovery consulting firm. The conclusions drawn can help you…

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